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10,000 Seedballs

A Living Artwork

10,000 seed balls is a living artwork with the ambition of collectively hand rolling 10,000 clay seed balls that will be freely distributed throughout the people and the land.

The clay seed ball, also known as “seed bombs” in guerrilla gardening, is an ancient method of agriculture that was popularised through Masanobu Fukuoka, a Permaculture father figure who uses clay seed balls to ‘naturally farm’ rice and other grains on his farm in Japan.

Seed balls can be made with any type of seed though we will mostly be using annual flowering species rich in nectar and pollen to feed our pollinators and boost the strength of our urban ecology. In their most basic form seed balls are mixtures of clay, compost, and seeds, rolled into a ball shape and left to dry. They can then either be thrown out into a meadow or placed in your garden beds and through exposure to rain and sunshine they will burst into life and grow into healthy strong plants. 

Every seed ball will grow into an average of 5 healthy, robust plants that will produce thousands of flowers as food for the bees, pollinators, the soil, and later on - us. 

This is a living artwork - a sculpture that is formed through many hands that exists throughout space and time. The benefits that this will provide for our ecosystem will continue long after - because many of these plants will self-seed. It is one small step towards Auckland City becoming the world's safest city for pollinators.

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