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Herb Spiral

This Herb Spiral was designed and built whilst volunteering at a Permaculture project in central Bulgaria. The process transformed an existing pile of rubble made of smashed clay roofing tiles into a work of living art, a productive ecosystem where up to 40 different species of herbs can be planted into.

Inspired from the patterns of nature, this herb spiral looks like a nautilus shell from above. As the garden bed spirals around the mound it passes through both sunny and shaded areas and the water travels down with it. The left half of the spiral is bathed in full afternoon sun whilst the other half is shaded by a tree. Heat loving herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage) can then be planted at the top of the spiral and shade and water loving herbs (mint, chives etc) would go down below. The mound shape essentially functions as a miniature hill which creates different ecosystems.

The structure itself took a total of three full days to design and build. It was a highly sculptural and intuitive process. Concrete was un-accessible in the village and the structure was built to be completely self supporting i.e. the only material holding it together is the roofing tiles.

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